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Ice Cycles
InsideOut Records

This month I have chosen two adventurous recordings that are rather eclectic and not for the "Pop" crowd in your midst. They are two recent releases by Germany's InsideOut Records: Transatlantic, and Platypus's Ice Cycles. Both CD's are the [thought] derivative of another major prog-rock group and in this case their common link is the group progressive/metal group Dream Theater. But let's start at the beginning...

Platypus was formed in 1997 on the initiative of Dream Theater bass player John Myung. Ice Cycles is a great rock album that gets delivered with honesty and effective sounds by Platypus. No buts or ifs here... just straight rock with effusive escapes into vivacious solos and constructive melody lines. This could have easily been an album from the late 70's. It is a quiet infusion of talent and an abundant source of enjoyment.

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