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"Brilliant, although my wife hates it!" (John Peel, about the Knee-High T-shirt)

A new English band ready for steering clear off the hype-o-rama in the music press. Knee-High hail from Liverpool (no, they don't sound like the Beatles, or suck like Liverpool F.C.), and have been snapped by legendary (remember Factory Records) Tony Wilson for his brand new label. Eyebrows are raised awaiting what to come. Could the music make Mrs. Peel forgive her husband wearing that shirt?

Knee-High's debut single Introducing Elvis (released just before x-mas) was quite well received, and their guitar'n'electro-pop has been compared to both Echo and the Bunnymen and Steve Harley! Since then Knee-High took part in the Zoom 2000 Tour in England, Scotland and Norway last month (together with Norwegian acts Påsan, Martine & Mirejam, and Bronco Busters). The title track of this EP sounds, to be honest, a bit pretentious, but it's almost like the band don't want to be so. I find it rather dull and anonymous, with an evergoing, annoying "Come on" chorus. Anyway, song two is much-much better. Centuries for Captain is a classic, catchy tip-toe pop-song (almost like being vintage Flying Nun, think the Bats or the Clean). Good. The last track is called Electrolyte, and is more laid back in attitude, and, well, quite sympathetic. Knee-High don't sound like they're from England. If they don't rush for an debut album, and stay clear off arrogance, it'll be interesting to see their next steps. And; I'm really curious to see that T-shirt...

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