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Remington Super 60
Cafe 2001 In Japan
Automatic Kiss Records

RS60 released a single last year which was highly regarded by our main chef here at the Luna Kafe. For this rewiever's ears they are quite new, but the band name is so good it's not easy to forget. This time theiy get a release on a Japanese label, which in itself is quite impressive.

What about the music then? Accoustic guitars, a sweet girl voice and some cheap keyboards is the setting. Simple, naive pop tunes that is supposed to make you think of summer, sun and all things nice, I guess. The problem with this release is that it is so anaemic and demand so little that it is plain boring. I had to get up and crank up the voume several times in an attempt to catch just a little of this, but to no use.

I'm reminded of weak, pale singles on Sarah Records during the eighties, with some Casio twiddling added. And that is no good reference point. Is this what the new lounge pop should sound like? No.

OK, I'm being harsh here, the third track, Intro is actually quite nice, but RS60 spend the first half of the song playing the "demo" tunes on their Casio, which I find pretty annoying.

A full lenght release is supposed to be ready later this year. Hopefully they'll write some songs for that. I'm off to play an old Status Quo album (no I'm kidding).

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