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...Plays With Himself
Gebhardt Records (?)

Gebhardt is the drummer of Trondheim's own Motorpsycho. He is also a decent banjo player, and has as such now and again popped up on quite a few Motorpsycho tracks, mostly on single B-sides (is that the correct term when we are talking about CD singles?) but also on their flirtation with soundtrack music, The Tussler. Plays With Himself is his first solo record, and it is quite a surprise. I have always thought of Gebhardt as the band's very own jamming station, but here he is both melodic and easily accessible. And it is not all banjo.

Gebhardt plays all the instruments himself on these 11 tracks, mainly made on 4- or 8-track machines or dictaphone. Except for the banjo tracks, the music has a certain quasi soundtrack feel to it, not far from what Boastein was doing some 20 years ago. Easy listening it is not, not even an essential record, but a nice, decent glimpse of the multi-talents of Gebhardt. It is even on multi-coloured vinyl

I found my copy at Big Dipper Records in Oslo. (Sold out by now, I guess - editor's note) It may also be possible to enquire at Motorpsycho's unofficial site. Distribution in Norway is taken care of by Tuba!

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