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Various Artists
Self Portrait Vol. 2
Permafrost Records

Although Richard Sigesmund has decided to move on to other things, the great music that he has exposed Canadian indie fans to through his Permafrost Records label will continue to live on. His vinyl only Self Portrait series began with a series of pop songs. The second installment featured some great emo and math rock tracks and the third was to feature spacepop but alas it was not to be. So for the purpose of this review we will examine the second 7" in the Self Portrait series.

Volume 2 begins with a great song by North of America. The Montreal quartet's The sneaks are everywhere! features their trademark math rock sound. The second song on the 7" is by a Winnipeg band called March December Swing. The joy of photography starts off slow but then builds up into a climatic rocker.

Side B of the 7" features an awesome song by Porter Hall. The Winnipeg group's poppy punk sound is rather infectious and stays with the listener long after the song is finished. Watch for their debut album to be released by Endearing Records really soon. The last track on the record is by New York's Haywood. They contribute a good rock song which provides a fitting end to the album.

Blair from Endearing is now selling off what is left from the Permafrost Records catalogue at really cheap prices. Contact him for more details and get a deal on some great indie rock.

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