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coverpic flag Italy - Full Moon 44 - 05/18/00

Giovanni Lindo Ferretti
Black Out / Universal

G.L.F went to his roots...he went back to Berlin to record his solo-masterpiece, a collection of highly inspired poems surrounded by modern beats. The lyrics, about inner-tears and sudden emptiness, are driven by Mr. Eraldo Bernocchi to a plastic spacey dimension which let them float in search of an essence...shape and essence - "forma e sostanza" - as he used to sing in the last years as CSI's frontman.

Co.Dex is a played-thought on our bleeding society and our lives, sometimes so unequal and full of unsolved contradictions...we find ourself standing on a border, deeply looking for what we deserve - "voglio cio' che mi spetta" (Frontiera), trusting only the Cathartic sharp dust (Polvere).

A special guest : Toshinori Kondo's visionary trumpet. What else..."Barbaro legittimo bastardo"...nothing else.

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