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Bogus Blimp
Jester Records/Voices of Wonder

The second go from the spectacular Bogus Blimp, one year after their debut album Men-Mic. Expect more crazed melo-dramatic and expressive cabaret'n'roll. Fasten seat-belts. Avant-en-garde!

Doom is the keyword, and this time BB really creeps around the floor of some horror basement. As some of the weird and dramatic lyric says:

As I enter the basement I live in, I notice that something is wrong.
The smell from the refrigerator, has grown tremendously strong.

On cords.wires you get introduced to sort of a shock-rock-opera, including Man against Machine, Earth vs. Outer Space, and, yes, good against evil. The drama's almost got a misantrophic angle, and I'm not sure how serious the whole thing is. The darkness is almost total, the end of the world is near. The production, as well as the musical content, is far more massive than their debut album. But in-between there are "air-holes", such as the very short intro Hello World, as well as Under the Sea and Sugar and Fear. Still, the words that guide the music are almost entirely gloomy: "Tired and sad, yet kind of happy."

cords.wires both surprised and disappointed me being more introvert and outer-spaced than expected. Nevertheless, Bogus Blimp seek to frighten and fascinate, and they sure can be suggestive. Their sparsely lightened playground still is filled with odd equipment, and it's worth sneaking inside their cabinet. Just for some horror-show, and to hear the sub-deep bass-voice of singer Chr. Mona. cords.wires ends with the semi-monumental space-prog track Flight to the Future, which sounds (slightly, only slightly) like a hybrid of Mogwai and Motorpsycho, before the hovering, theremin-driven Things to Come leaves us wondering what'll be next. Sort of an open-ended "The End"...

I guess that... Could possibly... Mars Attacks! Soon.

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