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coverpic flag Switzerland - Full Moon 44 - 05/18/00

Live at Sunrise
Moon Records/Black Rills Records

Kedama was a Swiss [progressive] rock group that shone high and bright over the skies of Zurich sometime in the middle 70's and then moved on to the space beyond our senses but not beyond our memories. The group consisted of 3 guys that were musically inventive and dynamic, their sound is a cross between the rock of the 70's and the elegant proposals only seen in the releases by the groups that were musically educated in the classics of the past.

Spritual (in its own way) and introspective, graceful, vibrant and dynamic, this is a masterful release from the past that merits seeing the full light of the day. For those of us that listen to music for the sheer aural pleasure (as opposed to those that prefer the Top-Ten Pop infamies), this is a great revelation. Long tracks describe complete musical ideas (again, as opposed to the ephemeral short sentences of pop-trash) and allow the user to savour the music like a respectable wine... Great rock which is heard once more because the good guys at Black Rills Records never gave up on good music (THANK GOD). A must for the rock faithfuls.

Re-released by: Black Rills Records, Hauptstrasse 6, 9126 Necker, Switzerland.

Black Rills has also re-released a couple of other 1970's releases that are pure diamonds. The first one is Welcome's Welcome and the other one is a 2-CD In concert by Lizard.

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