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Bebel Gilberto
Tanto Tempo
Six Degrees

When I think of a Brazilian musical dynasty, I immediately think of the Caymmi family (Dorival, Dori, Danilo, Nana). Very few Brazilian performers have such distinguished musical heritage as the Caymmis do. That, however, is probably going to change. With dad João Gilberto (the Pope of Bossa Nova), mom Miúcha, and uncle Chico Buarque, Bebel Gilberto already had it halfway accomplished even before her debut solo album hit the streets. The good news is that she does not need to rely on her family background to have a hit with Tanto Tempo, her first solo album.

Though Bebel Gilberto had previously appeared as a guest performer in other albums (Red Hot+Rio or the soundtrack for Next Stop Wonderland, for example), Tanto Tempo is bound to cause a lot of waves in the music business. Bebel's debut CD is very likely going to be the album that many people will still be talking about 40 years from now as the first album that turned their attention to Brazilian music. Mixing a nice blend of Bossa Nova and Brazilian pop, Tanto Tempo is bound to please bossa lovers as well as the new generation of Brazilian music listeners. The album contains classic Bossa Nova tunes (Samba da Benção and So Nice, for example) as well as Bebel's original compositions, such as Mais Feliz, co-written with late Brazilian pop icon Cazuza. Previously recorded by Adriana Calcanhotto, Mais Feliz here sounds like a lullaby. Special guests João Parahyba, Suba, Marcos Suzano, Carlinhos Brown and João Donato also add a special touch to this fantastic release. In particular, João Donato and Gilberto Gil's Bananeira gets a brand new arrangement that will most certainly leave you dancing for hours. João Donato himself did the arrangement and plays fender rhodes. It's just plain hot. From the opening track, Bossa Nova classic Samba da Benção (by Baden Powell and Vinícius de Moraes), Tanto Tempo is a sure winner. The well-ballanced mixture of techno and acoustic instruments facilitates Bebel's work. Furthermore, her smooth renditions sound appealing and captivating to all audiences. Bossa Nova inspired, Tanto Tempo is like a travel back in time occasionally. The programming in that title track, for example, is very reminiscent of the sixties. Bebel's whispered voice is very sensual and delivers the song message with ease. The same is true of Marcos Valle and Paulo Sérgio Valle's So Nice (Summer Samba). Stuart Wylen's organ accompaniment is absolutely fantastic. He captured the essence of summer with his magnificent solo. His performance also pays tribute to the great Brazilian organist Walter Wanderley. A very wise choice of Bebel's, her recording of uncle Chico Buarque's Samba e Amor is pure Bossa Nova. Accompanied only by the acoustic guitar of Celso Fonseca, Bebel is mesmerizing.

With a team of producers of renowned experience - Amon Tobin, Suba, Béco Dranoff, Antoine Midani, Chris Franck, Nina Miranda - all the guests, and Bebel's soothing vocals, Tanto Tempo is a timeless release. The Girl from Ipanema brought world attention to the music of Brazil over 40 years ago. Bebel Gilberto's Tanto Tempo can easily renew that feat all across the world.

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