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Angels of the Apocalypse

Mastermind is an American group with an unfathomable array of guitar dynamics that ingeniously gyrate into the exciting world of pyrotechnic [progressive] rock with the flexibility of an acrobat and the deep-rooted knowledge of the mystic philosopher. Their music creates emotional reactions to the brain while the vigorous nature of their sound is vibrant challenge to the intellectual.

Their new album, Angels Of The Apocalypse, heralds a new millennium with a tenacious audacity and an elegant boldness in the guise of a wonderful female vocalist, Lisa Bouchelle. Her powerfully savage/operatic and expressive voice brings the group to new heights of creativity and imagination and seamlessly joins the creative forces of the Berends brothers and Jens Johansson's keyboard dexterity. A brilliant record for those who like their rock served intelligently and creatively.

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