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Señor Coconut Y Su Conjunto
El Baile Alemãn

Back in the eighties, when the wave of "unplugged" concerts from MTV arrived, we were trying to think of artists that definitively not were going to be on the show. Kraftwerk were on that list, Enya and Rick Wakeman too.

So, are you prepared for a kind of "unplugged" version of Kraftwerk? El Baile Alemãn contains Chileans performing classic Kraftwerk-tracks on traditional South American instruments in the Tito Puente vein as Cha-Cha-Chas and Merengues?

The cover on this CD claims so, but you don't have to be a specialist on electronic music or South American instruments for that matter, to tell that this is just fake. If I'm not completely mistaken, this is played on synthesizers (by a bunch of Germans, probably). The idea, however is great.

All the classics are here, from Autobahn (pronounced Autovan here) to Home Computer. I was kind of hooked at first, but the curiousity effect soon wears off. Best tracks are Showroom Dummies as a cha-cha-cha and Autobahn (a cumbia merengue!) mentioned earlier.

Not much beyond the novelty effect, then, but it may be perfect at your party and will fit right there with your eisbein fajitas and sauerkraut con carne.

Distribution in Norway: Tuba!

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