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Fastened Bulbous
Fastened Bulbous (mini-CD)

Some two years ago this quartet from Trondheim released an impressive debut album in a very limited edition (just around 30) and then it became completely silent. The band has never performed live, but rumours these days say that they may play a couple of dates to promote this release (and maybe another later this year!).

The source of Fastened Bulbous' name is derived from a snippet of a rather absurd Trout Mask Replica dialogue and the Beefheart influences are here (Before Continue) but the band draws mostly on American artists such as Slint and to a certain degree, Gastr del Sol. The band is a rarity on the Norwegian music scene with its challenging, aggressive style where the guitars are up front most of the time.

The opening track, Not So Bulbous, unveils their Gastr del Sol, or rather, John Fahey influences; a delicious little piece for acoustic and bass guitar. Her Skin, Her Hair may be the main piece on this CD, a well-crafted song put together by shorter elements, some vocal and some instrumental. As mentioned earlier, the guitars dominate but here they could probably have been mixed a bit louder.

I am not sure that I like the high pitch singing on Second Time, but that is just pedantry. Holes is a pop song, a well-hidden pop song; played by a pop group it could even have been a hit. Maybe.

All in all a solid follow-up, if there is one thing I should put my finger on, it must be the English pronunciation on some of the songs. Let's just hope that there will be possible to catch this band live sometime in the not too distant future.

NOK 50,- to Pop-Eye, Innherredsveien 11, N-7043 TRONDHEIM, Norway.

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