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American Suitcase
Thatsperfectwonderball Records

Bluefoot is American Suitcase's second album this year (!). I must admit that I haven't heard their debut (only 200 made on vinyl - you bastards), but I quite liked their version of Motorpsycho's Sunchild on a tribute album a couple of years ago with it's jingle-jangle guitars, harmony vocals and you-know-what.

There have been quite a few of this type of bands in Norway in recent years; Time Lodgers and Loch Ness Mouse are probably the best examples. And here is more of the same.

You don't exactly get over-exited, there is a kind of sturdy quality on this album, and the impending feeling of deja vu is present most of the time. Most fans of this music don't mind, however, so why complain?

You might want to sing along, or at least smile to the last refrain of Millenium Man, though, it's one of the better moments here. The album as a whole is just as good as anything by Teenage Fanclub or Wondermints, but The Grays it isn't... A decent cover of Master James is always worthwhile and gave me a reminder that it has been a while since I heard the original (by The Steppes). And it gave me a good excuse to dive into the vinyl archive.

But please, give that theremin back to whoever owns it.

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