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A compilation of Seamonsters' demo recordings from the early nineties? Yes, please. Seamonsters were a successor to Softcocks (please send a list of more abdomen related bands to yours truly) and a forerunner to Fastened Bulbous.

Our beloved editor was the drummer and occasional lyric (?) writer for the band. In addition to that, Seamonsters also did contain my brother on bass guitar and vocals, so this short review is not going to be particularly objective. I think I would have liked this album anyway, but there you go ...

The best songs here are the glorious pop gem Fade Away, the Feelies rip-off/tribute Pick-Up and Beyond The Pale, pointing towards the more introverted Fastened Bulbous.

NOK 50,- to Pop-Eye, Innherredsveien 11, N-7043 TRONDHEIM, Norway, will secure you this gem.

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