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Dulce Pontes
O Primeiro Canto

Known as One of the Most Adventurous Singer/ Composer from Portugal, Dulce Pontes continues to draw her energy from the roots of Portuguese folk music and Fado. But she experiments, she sets herself higher goals. Swedish (... ? - Editor's note) bagpipes and a typicall all-male Alentejano choir join Dulce Pontes in one unforgettable version of a traditional song. In Ondeia her vocal range is remarkably present - yet she doesn't artificially belch songs out at you. There's soul in there.

For the first time she has also composed most of the songs and has brought her pianist's virtuoso to help her along. Africa, Portugal, Scandinavia, The Azores, incursions into almost classical arrangements of folk songs. And the 4 elements as focal point of this album.

3 years was a long gestation, but the new album is definitely her best thus far, and an awe-inspiring glimpse of songs to come. One hopes... No matter what 'your' type of music is, you should check out "O Primeiro Canto". Regardlesss of where you're coming from, I very much doubt that you'll be disappointed. Dulce Pontes is one of the leading European solo singers on the rise!

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