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coverpic flag Scotland - Full Moon 47 - 08/15/00

The Geometrid
Sub Pop Records

In my room where I live my stereo is all run through an old 4-channel mixer that I bought from a boy in a cafe. It has a 12 second sampling button as big as the hole in a jukebox 45. And when I'm cooking sometimes? I take a few phrases of Can's Pnoom or a dash of a John Lurie soundtrack... and set it for repeat...loping lulling loops lolling. Cleaning the apartment then it's nearly almost always Freddie Fresh's beats. Straight from the sockets. ...thick chunky beats for dancing and dusting.

And now Stuart's new Looper has me wanting to turn it up really loud and vacuum. His other groop the Belle and Sebastian are getting a lot of attention for their new gem, Fold your hands child, you walk like a peasant. And well they should. It's as lovely as it should be. As lovely as they promise.

I'll be walking down the street and The Wrong Girl will fall into my gait and soon be flying off my tongue. And Chalet Lines just stays and stays with me. I hope she made it to London okay. And found a place.

But The Geometrid is a much funner record, period. And it's August for pete's sake. Let's have some fun.

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