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Do Make Say Think
Whelan's of Dublin, Ireland, 1.10.2000

In the days where music is at a cross roads and can't really decide where it's going it's always nice to have a band which experiments. Do Make Say Think will be and have been conveniently placed in the corner by most hacks as one of the post rock bands. On first listening the most notable comparison would be Tortoise but to get the essence of what this band are trying to create, and achieve plausibly, needs closer listening.

The make up of the band is two drummers, guitar, bass and brass section. They use the drummers as percussionists rather than in the traditional sense of holding the pace of the song to create a backdrop of textures. Coupling this with dub/rock-steady bass and guitar to magical effect as the brass carries the melodies in well-crafted tapestry of sound. Despite this being the main way they create their sound they drench the music with individual flows of melody. The two main brass players switch between trumpets, saxophones, flutes and French horns to keep the tunes fresh every time. Charles Spearin's bass continual weaving trans-like riff and the guitar creating landscapes to build on. It is this cleverness and versatility that prevents them form merely re-creating the same song in different ways as so many bands from the aforementioned school so often subscribe to. There are times, however, when one is left wondering why the piece has continued for so long without change and suddenly comes to a halt.

After and hour and a half of mesmerising melody our Toronto based-hosts leave the stage to rapturous applause. Taste buds wet enough to want more, I hope to see a merchandise stall at the back of the venue to pick some listening up but with none to be found I go home still satisfied.

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