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Nodo Gordiano
Nodo Gordiano
Lizard/Pick Up

Italy has always produced great, symphonic progressive groups. One only needs to take a look at the international success of groups like PFM, Banco di Mutuo Soccorso, Le Orme, etc. (just to mention some of the best known ones) to see that there is a creative climate that fosters great musical developments. In fact, the history of progressive rock is full of Italian groups that have created an almost mythical aura about them and their releases. Nodo Gordiano is a rather new group of musicians that are equally creative and exciting as their musical predecessors.

Their singular (unfortunately) homonymous release is a spiritual/metaphysical mixture of rock and classical sounds (as a matter of fact, Andrea de Luca, one of the Nodo Gordiano noble souls is a musician of medieval/renaissance music)in the flowing form which characterized most great Italian groups of the 70's. Long passages and musical invocations of-ten make reference to the past and provide the basis for the musical devel-opments of the present and (possibly) their future. An auspicious first re-lease that begs for more from this awesome group of affable musicians. Un-fortunately their relase by Lizard Records is out of print but for more info you may try the Nodo Gordiano site.

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