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Diego Torres
Luna Nueva
BMG US Latin (74321-42708-2)

With his self titled first album selling over 200,000 copies in his native Argentina, and his second album Tratar de Estar Mejor going 7x platinum in Argentina, and selling over 800,000 copies worldwide, Diego Torres is hardly a stranger to success. With the release of his newest album, Luna Nueva, BMG US Latin is hoping to take this talented and young (all this by the age of 25!!) artist to the next level - international superstar. Judging by the reaction to his showcase at the recent Radio + Musica Convention in Los Angeles, and after giving a good listen to Luna Nueva, it seems that BMG and Diego will have no problem achieving their next goal- conquering America and the rest of the world.

Luna Nueva, which is currently BMG Latin's absolute # 1 priority, shows the natural evolution an artists career path takes when their drive and dedication equals their talent. Featuring a mix of several genre of music - pop, rock, reggae, funk, soulful ballads - and even a bit of flamenco and jazz, Luna Nueva delivers. Uptempo and catchy first single No Lo Sone (I Never Dreamed) has already enjoyed international radio success and received heavy airplay here in the US. The song appears twice on the album, in instrumental and acoustic versions, and the acoustic version allows us to truly see the depths of Diego's talents. It is the rare artist who can come across as even more talented in an acoustic performance, but Diego's sensual, enchanting voice easily draws in the listener and leaves them wanting more. Follow up powerballad Se Que Ya No Volveras (I Know You Won't Return) is already gaining airplay and looks to be an even bigger hit single.

Produced by Celso Valli, 9 out of 12 songs on Luna Nueva were written by Diego, showing his skills as a lyricist as well as composer. Special guest appearances on the album are made by Spanish Flamenco sensations Ketama on the track Alba, written by Antonio Flores; as well as by Quino from Big Mountain on Siempre Hay Un Camino (There Is Always A Path) which is a blend of reggae/pop and even a little bit of rap in English. Other standout tracks include No Todo Esta Perdido (Everything Is Not Lost), title track Luna Nueva (New Moon), and the sultry Oceano (Ocean.)

Born in 1971 to Lolita Torres, one of the most renowned and loved artists in Argentina, Diego had musical aspirations from a young age. He was a television actor in his youth, but his heart remained in music. His first album, Diego Torres, was released in 1992, and was produced by Cachorro Lopez, ex bassist for Los Abuelos de Nada. Diego was an instant success- the album went triple platinum in Argentina, and he performed over 150 concerts in support of the album, bringing him national recognition.

With the 1994 release of Tratar De Estar Mejor, Diego's success become even greater! Featuring 4 smash singles (Tratar de Estar Mejor, Te Pido Que Vuelvas, Todo Cambia y Todo se Termina and Deja de Pedir Perdon), the album combined several types of music and defined Diego's inimitable style. The perfect mix of music (rock, pop and soulful ballads, with a little reggae thrown in for good measure and some light hearted rap) helped Diego become the biggest selling Argentinean artist of 1994 and 1995. Since 1993, he has performed over 400 concerts worldwide, and over 1.2 million fans have enjoyed his energetic concert presentations.

Luna Nueva is an appropriate title for Diego Torres most recent release as it signifies change, growth, and evolution. In his own words (see Diego Torres interview, this issue) Diego states that his music is "always changing, always in evolution, and always trying to be a little bit better each day." The diversity of music on this album may be astounding to the uninitiated listener, but will probably not surprise Diego's ardent fans. And there will be sure to be many, many more of them as the journey continues. Diego Torres is on the brink of becoming an international superstar. He has the talent, the determination and the experience to cross international barriers and the depth of his musical talent is sure to carry him through. Keep your eye on this up and comer, you are sure to hear much much more from him in the very near future.

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