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Diego Torres
February 14th 1997

What goes on in the mind of an international superstar before he steps onstage? How does your life change when you go from being a national hero to being an international idol? Is an artist's life very lonely? The answers to these questions and many more can be found here, in my interview with BMG International superstar Diego Torres, who was kind enough to give me a few minutes of his time following his showcase for BMG at the Radio + Musica convention in Los Angeles, on February 14, 1997.

A: With the success of Tratar de Estar Mejor (his previous album which sold over 800,000 copies internationally - see album review and concert review for more details), you crossed international barriers, how does this change your life as an artist?
DT: Well, actually, nothing changes. On the contrary, the only difference is that now you enjoy the fact that you are able to sing in other places, other countries, and you are able to share your music with other nationalities.

A: What do you think of the "Rock en Espanol" movement in the US and in your native Argentina?
DT: I think it is wonderful that the people are starting to listen to all kinds of music, and they enjoy pop, salsa, rock and roll, whatever, it doesn't matter the language, what matters is the MUSIC!

A: Do you prefer to be on tour, or in the studio recording?
DT: I like both things, to be on tour, as well as recording in a studio.

A: How do you prepare yourself before you go on stage?
DT: You try to warm up your vocal chords, and you try to be calm, so that the instrument (voice) will work well.

A: It is often said that the life of an artist is very lonely, what is your opinion?
DT: I think that we ALL have a lonely side, not only the artists.

A: Do you like to be alone?
DT: Yes, I like to be alone, but I also like to be with the people that I love.

A: How do you see Diego Torres musically speaking?
DT: In evolution, in constant evolution. As soon as you start growing as an artist, you start making choices and you see the way to go about things. I think I am evolving and growing constantly and trying to do things a little bit better each day.

A: Which is your favorite song from your new album Luna Nueva?
DT: I don't know, actually I like them all.

A: Do you write your own music and lyrics?
DT: Yes, music and lyrics too.

A: Of the producers you have worked with so far, who has impressed you the most?
DT: Both of them, Cachorro Lopez and Celso Valli have both been very helpful to me, and I have learned a lot from both of them.

A: Are there any producers who you have not yet worked with that you would like to work with?
DT: I don't know-Quincy Jones, Babyface? (laughs)

A: Do you have a computer and are you online?
DT: (Laughs again) No, no.

A: Do you have any message for the Internet viewers who will read this interview online?
DT: Health for everyone. Bye!!!!

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