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Diego Torres concert
February 14th 1997

Diego took to the stage dressed in a black suit, white shirt and black shoes, and immediately opened his set with an acoustic version of Yo Lo Soné, the first single from his latest release Luna Nueva. Upon conclusion of this single, Diego greeted the crowd warmly, and introduced the title track from the album. He the performed Luna Nueva, and then Se Que No Volveras, which is the second single from the album, and is currently enjoying huge airplay in the US and abroad.

Following this sultry ballad, Diego introduced the upbeat Alba, which is was written by famed Spanish composer Antonio Flores, and performed this for the excited crowd. Next was Siempre Hay Un Camino to which Diego added an upbeat English language rap during the chorus, and during which he wandered into the audience while performing.

Penelope, Diego's contribution to the album Serrat - Eres Unico, was next, and the biggest hit of the showcase. The audience sang along, every word, and gave him practically a standing ovation at the end of the song. Diego kept the crowd up and dancing during Tratar de Estar Mejor, the title track from his previous release, and closed his energetic set with a performance of No Lo Soné with full instrumentation.

Diego's showcase was the highlight of the BMG showcase and clearly showed the intensity, dedication and talent of this international superstar. This was the first of Diego's US performances to support this album, and will certainly not be the last. His upbeat attitude, energy and clear love for his art drew the audience in, and his talent and subtly seductive voice didn't let them go. Look for much much more to come from Argentina's premiere male solo artist who is quickly crossing international barriers with his latest release.

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