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Pedro Guerra
Tan Cerca de Mi

From the first notes of Pasa, any true music lover will be entranced by the sensual and sultry voice and melodies of Pedro Guerra, Spain's latest success story. Already a huge hit in his native country, BMG has a talented artist on their hands that with a little more exposure, is sure to become an international sensation.

Born on the island of Tenerife, this composer and performer composed his first song at the tender age of 14. In 1994, at the age of 27 he released his first solo effort, entitled Golosinas which contained no less than 17 songs, including Biografia, El Marido de La Peluquera, Deseo, and Todo es desorden, which immediately took him from obscurity to enormous popularity, with his songs becoming a part of the heart of the people. For the next two years, he performed around Spain, gaining popularity and acclaim with his electrifying and captifying performances, and the magic of his songs.

In early 1997, Pedro released his second album, Tan Cerca de Mi, recorded in Paris and Madrid, which offers several other compositions by this talented and expressive songwriter. The album was produced by Lokua Kanza who has worked with artists such as Peter Gabriel, Papa Wemba and Geoffrey Oriema and is renowned in the world music realm. The balance between the two mentalities of Pedro and Lokua has evolved into an amazing album with a bit of everything- rhythms from Africa and the Canary Islands, tribal voices and European violins, percussion instruments and almost acoustics, danceable singalong tunes and sultry ballads. Pedro continues growing, and incorporates his growth into his work, like any talented artist. The evolution can be seen here - he is an intellectual and his intelligence comes across through the lyrics of each song.

There are a variety of themes on this album, to accompany the variety of music, but it is clear that Pedro is fascinated by human life, in all forms and all situations. First single Debajo Del Puente is enjoying huge success at radio, and you can hear tribal women's voices throughout this catchy singalong tune. On La Chica Que Baila, Pedro describes the intimacy experienced in the cabin of a peep show. On Un Muchacho de Mi Edad, a gospel choir sings, and Gente Sola talks about being alone. Another exceptional standout is Ni Todo Lo Contrario which is sure to be another smash single!! The blend of exotic rhythms and different styles of music makes Tan Cerca De Mi an interesting and exciting listen for anyone who appreciates talent. Pedro Guerra is enjoying the critical acclaim he is currently receiving in Spain, and is sure to have international success in the near future.

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