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Various Artists
Strictly The Best, #17
VP records

As the years go by, VP records still has the magical ability to produce great compilations. Continuing on their S.T.B. series, S.T.B. 17 will come at you with a punch. All of the big names with their hits are on the album including the doctor Beenie Man performing his smash hits Blackboard and New Suzuki. DJ of the Year Bounty Killer comes with three champion hits of his own including ther number 1 smash single Living Dangerously with crooner Barrington Levy. Other hits by the "poor people governor" include a Bounty Nitro Mix (a medley) and a remix of Who Send Them.

The Monster B crew comes down hard with their Hotty Hotty Crew, calling down the lists of crew they are better than. For some soft tracks we got Buju's very influencial Politics Time Again and Anthony B's controversial Fire Pon Rome. (The best track on the album, also lookout for his new cd entitled So Many Things, also on VP). DJ General Degree scores big with Robin Hood and for those of who you love to get on the dance floor, Captain Barkley's Go Go Wine is featured as well.

It is just great to see that there are still some compilations out there worth buying. S.T.B 17 is defentily one of them. And do not forget it's counterpart S.T.B 18 featuring some of todays best reggae singers performing all their hits. Some artists include Israel Vibration, Everton Blender, Cocoa tea and many many more. Both albums are wicked and will have you yearning for more!!!!

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