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Melt Banana
Scratch Or Stitch
Meldac MECI-25041

Living in a large metropolis obviously has its effects on its inhabitants. In comes Melt Banana, a four-piece band which evidently has been living in a big city surrounded by construction sites, subway systems, mad people. To some Melt Banana is a name that no longer needs to be introduced, but for those new to the name, here's a brief intro. Melt Banana consists of two females, YaSuKo O. on vocals, RIKA mm' on bass and two guys, AGATA on guitar and Toshiaki SUDOH on drums. They have been together since their college days, and together they make music (?) which I simply can't define. They've been around in the elitist Tokyo art punk scene for a while now, together with other bands such as Zeni Geva, Space Streakings and Ruins. They originally started without a drummer, and most of their songs are written without drum parts in mind, which I think heavily contributed to their unique sound. Screechy guitars (I don't know how he plays these screechy parts), middle-heavy basslines, jazzy-noise drums and cutey intense vocals is basically how I could describe their sound. Really weird. Really neat.

Anyway, this 22-track recording released by Meldac (released by Skin Graft Records outside Japan) is your basic Melt Banana outing. They go crazy, they go nuts. Each member of the band has a degree, highly educated, and you can tell by listening to the complexity of their song arrangements. (complex structures, almost inevident, something like free-jazz, except it's not free- jazz) Their approach to music is definitely not everyone's cup of tea. I liked it when I first heard their music 2 years ago, and I have been in love with their music eversince. Something to listen to and think to at the same time. My favorite track from this album is the title track, Scratch Or Stitch.

I can't write a review of this album actually!!! You have to get a copy yourself and have a listen yourself. You judge for yourself. This review sucks.

Over and out.

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