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Tierna la Noche
Sony Music Mexico (CDZ 82059/2-486047)

Upbeat, danceable, energetic and all around fun is the best way to describe Tierna La Noche, the latest release by Sony Music's Mexican pop artist Fey. First single Azucar Amargo continues to be a smash hit on radio stations all over the US and abroad and has caused an international buzz about this exciting young artist.

Muevelo, the first song on the album as well as the second single, is currently enjoying heavy airplay at pop/rock/dance stations. Fey's voice caresses the listener on the slower Las Lagrimas de Mi Almohoda, and the sultry Subidon. The album has a very smooth flow to it, with upbeat dancy tunes, such as Un Poco Loco, Te Pertenezco, Bajo El Arcoiris, and the very catchy Bailando Sola (which has a pulsating driving dance beat and is sure to be a club smash), being mixed in with romantic uptempo ballads such as Desmargaritando El Corazon.

Produced by Jose Ramon Flores, (as was Fey's self titled previous release), Tierna La Noche was recorded entirely in Italy, and the overall result is an energetic set which is sure to spur several more hit singles. Fey's creative producer on this album was Maury Stern, ex member of the popular group Magneto. The album includes compositions by Mario Ablanedo, David Boradoni, J.R. Florez, Freddy Marugan and Lerry Nutti.

Fey was the winner of the prestigious ERES award for "Revelation of the Year 1997" and has also received several gold and platinum discs in recognition of her strong album sales in her native Mexico and around the world. With the incredible attention Fey is receiving as a result of the success of Azucar Amargo, and the follow up success of Muevelo, Tierna La Noche is sure to enjoy continued success, as is Fey, Mexican's latest dance sensation.

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