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The Ex
February 1997

An interview with Jos:

What are your musical influences?
In the beginning punk was making music with simple devices. In this way we made our own music. After a few years we were looking for other instruments to make music, in this way our influences came from all over the world ann all different kinds of bands.

What are you favorite bands?
Today I don't keep up with the music industry, but some bands I like are Rhythm Activism, a Canadian band from Montreal, Pavement, Cords (Noise from Deventer, Holland Marcel), Urban Dance Squad.

What type of music would you classify your band as?

Can you give the instruments / names of all of the band members?
G.W. Sok (vocals), Han Buhrs (vocals), Terrie (guitar), Andy (guitar), Luc (bass), Katrin (drums).

Which of your albums do you consider to be the best?
The best has still to come.

What bands do you enjoy playing gigs with?
No Means No and Sonic Youth.

How did you came up with the band name and what does it mean?
By accident, we wrote down some names and put an X before every name we didn't like. It had to be a name which we could have forever and not a name which is fun for three weeks. In the beginning it didn't mean a thing. Today we could say it could mean this or that.

What do you think about festivals?
Monotonous when there is only one kind of music. If there are five bands on one evening without a long break, it is very hard.

What does punk mean to you?
Everything is possible, there are no rules. I can do whatever I want but with some restrictions I put on myself. Like I'm not gonna beat up an old man without any reason.

What do you think about the Internet?
Interesting. I wanna go on the Internet in the future and do something on it.

How long have you been together?
We have existed for about 18 years with different line-ups.

Any touring or recording plans, anything?
Not before September, when there will be a new record and a new tour.

Whats your favorite qoute?
No comment, the way it is said.

Do you like to make albums better on vinyl, cd or tape?
Vinyl, because they're bigger, they include posters and the booklets are bigger.

I've heard you did a song with Kamagurka (Belgian comedian Marcel) ?
That's correct. We had in 1991 a singles series, people could subscribe to it, and we did a single with him. This series included all different kinds of things.

For which band would you like to produce a record?
None, I don't like to say "not this song but that" and such things, to the bands.

What does ralbörized mean?
Nothing, just used for some bands who are coming from The Wormer.

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