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The Mind And The Money E.P.
RickoSound Records

There seems to be some sort of mod revival going on in Norway these days. Orango play, look, dress, drink, eat, and probably shit like they did in the 60's. Not that there is something wrong with that. Reportedly, Orango are doing a great job on stage, with some people even comparing them to the Who. A better comparison would be Big Bang, currently Norway's leading band with eyes and ears pointed more backwards than forewards.

This debut EP from Orango contains four songs, all conveying the band's sincere affection for the mentioned period in British rock history. Aficionados will probably nod smilingly, but the rest of us is left with dry guitars, simple and not too catchy tunes, and a non-exciting studio production. Were it not for the band's joyous performance, this would be a rather forgettable item. Inspite of the claustrophobic feeling their derivative formula gives me, there is a certain playfullness present, which probably is what make them shine live.

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