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Jessica Fletchers
Sorry About The Noise
Perfect Pop

Jessica Fletchers, what kind of band name is that? If I'm not wrong, Jessica Fletcher is a Miss Marple-type detective sometimes seen on lousy TV channels. The name is in the tradition of band names made up of more or less famous persons; Doris Days, Wynona Riders, and probably the best of them all - Jason Kings. Personally I think the band name Jessica Fletchers end in the "Dandy Warhols"-bag (God forbid!). Well, the music is fortunately better than their band name, and with Perfect Pop as provider, we always get a minimum of quality.

This EP, containing five songs, is JFs second record. Their first, a full length album was released on their own label last year, but they have matured a lot since then. Sorry About The Noise is a record full of well-crafted songs where the title track is a absolute stunner, a combination of 60's mod come psych acts like Koobas and The Eyes and newer 60's influenced indie bands like Apples In Stereo, all set in a great arrangement. There's even a short bridge that could have been lifted straight from legendary Norwegian band Dream in there. A place on a future "Rubble" compilation is hereby secured! But that's not a "Rhodes organ" as stated in the press release...

The rest of the tracks are a little more anonymous but well worth checking out (typical Perfect Pop Records (Norways equivalent to Elephant 6 Recordings?), so to speak; not a million miles from The Time Lodgers. And where are they now, by the way?)

Perfect Pop CD only.

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