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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 50 - 11/11/00

Racing Junior

Here are the young men, totally in love with sound. The manipulated sound of their own instruments, grooving along, constantly changes in minuscule steps. Adding layers to layers of heavenly noise. Voices have very little room in this space, musicianship and the evolving melodies comes first. The first song clocks in at just a little less than nine minutes and sets the pace. Serious music, but not without humour. A feeling of improvisation, of an openness in direction that could be dangerous, but at every dead end they seem to find an opening and pass through with an unexpected change. A continuation of paths explored in the seventies, adding interesting bits from the later ages. No fear of using new technology, or to blend it with older instruments. Why are there so few others exploring this territory?

Music ideally suited to images or as in the case of Salvatore, used as backdrop to a play. Their next album is due soon and will be music from this play. Just wait. It'll be as good.

A third album recorded next summer? Maybe a little Tortoise involvement?

Call it dronerock, spacerock, krautrock, call it anything as long as you call it good music.

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