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Teenage Fanclub

Some things never change. Teenage fanclub is one of these things, and that's a good thing. You always know what to expect, and you always get it. No surprises on this album either. I still remember when I first found the band's old album Bandwagonesque. I didn't know who they where or how they sounded, but still, I just had to buy the album. And I was knocked out by one perfect pop song after another. After that release Teenage Fanclub hasn't lived up to my expectations. Their last album Songs from Nothern Britain was a real pop-treat but something was missing. And I feel the same about this new album. It's good, I really love this power-pop driven music, but I want more.

Nevertheless, this is a really good album, and the opening track, I Need Direction, is a classic next to songs like The Concept and Metal Baby from Bandwagonesgue. The rest of the album is nice but the band doesn't fulfill like the they once did. I like the record and will play it for months, but mostly of sentimental reasons. If you're a fan you'll probably be satisfied, but not as satisfied you'd hope to be.

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