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Cisco Houston
Best of the Vanguard Years
Vanguard Records

This is a great release pack-jammed chuck-a-block full of Americana songs - a folk music anthology of the history of America during the 1900's. Cisco Houston was a troubadour who along with his buddy Woody Guthrie roamed the States fighting for environmental awareness, working class rights and peace through their songs. It was said that Cisco Houston and the early folk movement of the 50's were the nursery where the folk heroes of the 60's like Bob Dylan grew up, matured and found the fertile ground to spread their message of peace, justice and equal rights. This CD brings back to life a forgotten folk singer whose songs speak of the human aspects of the mid-century struggle for almost all the ideas that we now take for granted. A great singer in a remarkable collection of songs from Vanguard's 50 series on folk music. Van-guard Records (

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