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Racing Junior

Sketch is the duo of Tor Jørgensen (programming, samples, electronics, guitar, bass) and Kai Mikalsen (programming, samples, electronics, keys), being a musical twosome since 1987. They've been inovators in Norwegian ambient techno, and this is their fourth release, following the home recorded and produced C-90 Sketch in 1990, Reasons to Sway (on Apollo) in 1994, and Abeyance (on their own label Mold) in 1997.

Zincanode is music for dark evenings, to be played loud and to be listened to. Feel the music, sense its atmosphere. It floats, submerges for then to rise to hover high above only to dive again. Sometimes it feels mysterious, spooky, yes even threatening. But it's also playful and filled with good vibes. Everything's of course instrumental, and most of it is on the abstract side of regular music. Even though this isn't usually my bag of music, I must admit to be stunned by their creativity, though the seven rather long tracks should be consumed well portioned. The track that is king is called Kaiser. Other tracks have got catchy titles as Fog Tanger, Ying and Marine. Take a dip and go deep with Sketch if you dare to. Ambient scuba-diving to the bottom.

Sketch can also be heard on three compilation albums: Det Norske Hus (D-but), Arctic Circles (Beatservice), and Arctic Circles 2 (Beatservice).
Contact: Kai S. Mikalsen, Prof. Lochmannsgt 6B, 0559 Oslo, Norway.

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