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The Insomniacs
Get Something Going!

It's important to remeber the origin of rock music. Nowadays theres so much music and genres that every once in a while we get lost on our trail when we search for new music. A simple rockalbum is therefor a perfect way to found the way again. Put you back on track.

The Insominacs know there history, and is not ashamed to show it. These guys showed there 60s influences on their last excellent album Out of it and now they bless us with a new injection of classic garagerock. Maybe some of you out there think that Insominacs sounds like a cover band, nothing could be more wrong. Insomniacs take the soul of Small Faces and mix it with 70's punk and adds a lot from the Nuggets-box set. Fuzzy Rickenbackers, Hammond organ and handclap. It's so simple, yet so genius.

If you ever longed for a new band that brings the 60's back without reapeting every cliché the Insomniacs is definatley the band for you. The album cointaines a few covers as well but these songs are so good and pretty obscure. This is a modern garagerock-ablum that you can't live without. The Insomniacs really got something going.

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