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Ryan Adams

We've all heard it before. One lonely guy with his guitar singing about that love hurts. But this time it's for real. Ryan Adams from countryrockers Whiskeytown has on his debut soloalbum showed us his true feelings. He has opended himself up to us and we can just sit and watch and listen as Ryan takes us on his journey between the women he loves and the endless nights at bars. Listen to Come Pick Me Up and try to understand Ryan's feelings, or hear the ghost of Gram Parsons as Emmylou Harris helps Ryan on Oh My Sweet Carolina

I think this is the most honest album I've ever heard. You find it all on this album. True ballads as well as rock n roll. Finally we may have found someone who picks up where Gram Parsons left off. Ryan Adams is on his way. Dont let him slip away as Parsons did...

This album is the best album of 2000 and one of the best album I've ever heard, go get it!

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