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Bright Eyes
Fevers And Mirrors
Wichita Recordings

OK, the name gets your mind drifted towards the curly haired guy standing next to Paul Simon in the mid-to late sixties, and the cover of this album is not too far from Uriah Heep's classic mid-seventies album Look At Yourself (just kidding) but this is something completely different, that's for sure.

Conor Oberst is the man behind Bright Eyes and this is his third full-lenght release, his first recorded in a "real" studio. This is my first visit to his world, and quite an interesting visit it is (and I know this short review is at least 6 months late). His songs is often based around simple song structures played on acoustic guitar, but most of the songs have been enhanced further by a host of contributing musicians including members of Lullaby For The Working Class, Drip and Of Montreal to name a few.

The atmosphere of this 12-song album is intense which is emphasized by Oberst's strong sandpaper-gutsy voice not a million miles from that guy eh... Guy Kyser of Thin White Rope. Favourite tracks include The Calendar Hung Itself, Sunrise - Sunset, and An Attempt To Tip The Scales.

If you, like myself, are looking forward to the next Neutral Milk Hotel album, I highly recommend to check out this release in the meantime.

Distribution in Norway: Tuba!

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