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Rhythms of Life and Death
TPWB Records

This is as close you can get to a Norwegian sixties-influenced supergroup. Included are the guitarist and tunesmith from Sister Rain - Eystein Hopland, the guitarist from Gluecifer, Astroburger and Lust-O-Rama - Rolf Yngve Uggen, the drummer from Kåre and the Cavemen/Euroboys - Andres Møller and the bassplayer from The Tables and Astroburger - Mikkel Bay Vold. All people with a long history within the Norwegian rockscene, and all with an inclination towards the music from the late sixties.

The name suggests some form of heavy stoner rock and the first song on the CD confirms this suspicion (albeit not at all a bad song), but then it all changes. The rest is sweet psychedelica, some outstanding songs (esp. song number six) and some just well crafted pop songs. It's the songs themselves that makes this record, not the name (totally lame) or the consistency (patchy). They started the recordings in 1995 and have been doing bits and pieces ever since. The record was finished almost a year ago, but is just now being released. And we are happy that they did because this particular brand for modern psycedelica is seldom heard and combined with beautiful songs it makes for very nice listening indeed. Hopefully this is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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