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coverpic flag Sweden - Full Moon 53 - 02/08/01

The Youngster EP
Torpedo Records

Every now and then you stumble upon something that you didn't know exist but when you find you can't remember how you managed to live without it. A couple a years ago I found Torpedo. A small record label and magazine in Malmö, Sweden. The realesed power-pop and wrote about 60's music. The music was in focus and I loved it. The new realese from the label is a true pop record for all of us that feel that its all about melodies.

The Spyders from Gothenburg have been around for a couple of years but know they have found a perfect form for the music. An updated version of classic pop, and thats something I can't get enough of. If you love pop, real pop music, get this record. Its limited to 444 copies but the rumor is that new records is on their way. The Spyders will keep you warm until summer!!!

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