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Things We Lost In The Fire
Kranky Records

A story called Like That by Carson McCullers sits in a volume on a shelf unread in my room. I've read everything else she published but I can't and I won't yet read that last one like that. The sadness that surrounded her life and her words gonna sink further in me with the first reading of this last story. Not her last story. My her last story. That'll be it. Just like that.

Things we lost in the fire? I'm saving this one for different reasons. Sitting still in it's shiny light blue and gold bag. Leaning against the bookshelf not far from the McCullers. First full work since their first baby's birth. I've waited. We've waited. And now I'm going to make myself wait a little longer.

Something is telling me that this is going to be the best Low record ever. That I'll remember its first listen long after. I can tell by the weight of it in my hands that it will change the way we think of them. Songs of light for aging children as for now, are all unheard.

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