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coverpic flag US - Ohio - Full Moon 53 - 02/08/01

Moon Dance Experiment
Your Movements
MmmDEee Records

Moon Dance Experiment is comprised of three Columbus, Ohio, USA natives with an ambition to create the most exciting and entertaining musical experience possible. Their approach to music creation is a bit unique as all songs contained in the album were born during improvised recording sessions called "45ers," (named after the length of the audio tapes they were originally recorded on) that were later arranged and recorded as complete units. Their sound is a thermonuclear melting of psychedelic-electroacoustic postmodern pop full of fast flowing transgressional rock elements and improvisational madness.

This is the psychedelic music for the new century: neo-tribal, post-consumerist, artfully created hymns of extreme esoteric self-realization.

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