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coverpic flag Italy - Full Moon 54 - 03/09/01

Gian Castello
Black Widow

As I have mentioned before, sometimes you come across a record that is the 'cream-of-the-crop'. The rules for such a classification are rather innate based on individual tastes but there seems to be a consensus that a good release is rather enjoyed by a wide variety of people who may or may not necessarily subscribe to the specific genre.

Gian Castello is a flute-player who has studied Irish music and Celtic culture. He draws his inspirations from the rainy north but his roots are in the sensual south. His recent release, Taliesin, is one of those rare beauties that transcends language and genre capturing the listener with its elegant simplicity and timeless beauty. Taliesin is the retelling of a Welsh myth in rich sounds that recall the era of the myth while caressing the soul in a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere full of medieval vibes.

The record has a "Branduardi" feeling about it (in voice and structure) but it is certainly an authentic release full of exquisite moments and immense tranquility. A wonderful record to put on after a miserable day!! A gem...

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