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Fumitaka Anzai
Kyrie: Canto Cybernetico
own label

Fumitaka Anzai is a Japanese composer of electronic music. His array of electronic equipment is impressive, if not overwhelming... He has mostly composed music for the Japanese animation films. His Kyrie: Canto Cybernetico is his first non-animation soundtrack album and it is an eloquent interpretation of classical music via the electronic media. As a matter of fact, the album is described as a combination of Rock+Classic+Techno+Church Music!!

Fumitaka Anzai is a classical composer for the 3rd millenium, using and subjugating the cold electronic machines, giving them soul and warmth, coupling them with the human voice (& chorus) and interlacing them with the vibrant voice of the violin and guitar to capture the sounds of TODAY. A masterpiece that is intriguing, exciting, contemporary, respectful and respected. Certainly a standing ovation for Fumitaka-san!

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