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It's My Head That Hurts (And Not My Heart)
VCA Records

While waiting for the new CD from Electropussy, we can enjoy this CD single with two new songs, both recorded last autumn. At The Honeymoon Hotel was a promising self-made debut, showing a band rooted in the 60's/70's, in many ways. So also on It's My Head That Hurts (And Not My Heart), with tasteful use of keyboard and synthesizer sounds originating from that time period. But after a while the song departs from its wobbly and beautiful mix of cheesy sounds into dramatic despair with skewed, murky guitars. Arrangements-wise perhaps the best so far from Electropussy. The other song, The Light ..., offers more retro keyboards, and is a rather frantic prog-punk mish-mash of a song. The will to experiment with everything from sounds to rhythm patterns is evident, although the result is not always equally listener-friendly. Electropussy continue to impress, but, like the debut, production-wise these tracks leave more to be desired.

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