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Bogus Blimp
Conclusion of Five Year Plan no. I

Bogus Blimp mark their 5th anniversary by releasing a VHS including videos for 3 songs from their second album, cords.wires. The songs are By five o'clock tea, King inst. King and Brothers of Space. As Bogus Blimp (from now BB) are a band creating soundscapes with more dimensions to them than just the musical part it'll be really interesting to see images appear. VCR, go!

First video By five o'clock tea is the most "regular" music video of the three. Directed and animated by Christian Mona (the BB singer) and Leif Henning Broch Johnsen, it shows BB elegantly as cut'n'paste paper doll cartoons (the video's even cartoonized by the use of frames). In the end the singer turns devilish, and his x-ray (or ultra-red) vision chops up the band. One by one. The song is a tale about the urge for world domination, by all and any means: 'I put the kettle on. Pick up the telephone: Give me world domination by five o'clock tea. I have got a nuclear bomb, and I know how to use it.' Some cold war replica, or what? Anyway, the video has even got a 3-D sequence (haven't checked it yet, still looking for my glasses), as every respectable 'cold war era' horror movie.

The other two videos are made (directed, filmed and edited) by Chr. Mona. King inst. King makes me think of Fritz Lang's classic silent Metropolis during its opening scenes. Cog-wheels. Factory environment. A worker. This one turns rather art school experimental. Pretty sci-fi, as the song with its lyrical content itself. 0101010101010101010... Aaaaaah, computers taking over! Zzzzt...

Brothers of Space is amusing, as it takes place in a mirrored ballroom, so that heads and bodies and arms merge together and float apart. It's a rhythmical game, almost working like a kaleidoscope. This is also a spaced out tale (what's with BB? I hope it's got nothing to do with their rehearsal room...), about the arrival of our brothers, the Martians! Good, bad? Fact is: 'They seem to have trouble with that groovy, groovy bongo rhythm of yours. Go brother, go! Right... The video is simple, but it works. Funny!

All in all three audio-visual glimpses into the dramatic world of Bogus Blimp. They sure can make something else musically, and this cassette shows that moving images are able to add new dimensions to musical adventures. Happy anniversary, Bogus Blimp!

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