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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 54 - 03/09/01

Brut Boogaloo
Do the Boogaloo
Midnight Monkey/Tuba

Another slice of real Rock'n roll from retro Norway. Another band with lots of Nomads, AC/DC and probably some Dictators and Radio Birdman records lying about.

Inspired by a new wave of Norwegian rockin' bands experiencing quite a bit of success these days; Brut Boogaloo comes at the right time. Ricochets, Gluecifer and Cato Salsa Experience are all in the same vein and touring frequently. The best ting you can say about Brut Boogaloo is their overall competence, everyone in the band does their ting very well, making the band sound tight and professional. The worst thing is their lack of imagination and originality. Notable exceptions are some parts of the songs Do The Boogaloo and Night Out With Dr Evil Eye, which shows that the band can sound fresh if they want to. But do they want to?

There is something bewitching about electric guitars. Everybody wants to feel the power, riff along even if they know it's been done this way for almost fifty years now. Quite nice for a while, but at some point enough is enough. A bit of creativity couldn't harm.

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