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coverpic flag Sweden - Full Moon 54 - 03/09/01

Not love EP

This records is not new and it's not on any commercial record label. Marcus Dimbodius is from Gothenburg and writes lovesongs that almoust makes you cry. The sound on this EP is so big but yet fragile and with the lyrics its all perfect. Songs like these are always close to silly but Dimbodius stays in the broke heart land and invites us to sit down and listen to songs about love and the absence of it.

Musically Dimbodius lies preety close to the Verve, in their bitter-sweet era. Or other sweey ballads made by english bands, like the Cure or Radiohead. If you like you can download the songs from his homepage or even better - buy the EP.

This is fantastic music that really move you, especially the first song Struck by the Sadness of Love, but track #4, Until the End, is really my personal favorite.

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