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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 55 - 04/08/01

2001 A Pop Odyssey, Flight Three
Big Dipper Records

Here's the third moonthly 7-inch offer from Astroburger. Only two tracks now - and both are instrumentals. Maybe lyricist and vocalist Bingo lost his lyrical muse or got throat problems? Edwin the Idiot sounds like a surf version of a Nordic folk tune with vintage Stranglers' bass (at least if you play the single on 33 rpm.), psychotic Farfisa'ish organ and - after a while - a bubbling synthesizer a bit up the Pere Ubu street. Sounds confusing? Yes, but fun all the way!

Supernova on side B might be even more confusing. It starts as a lightweight heavy (if possible) pastiche, but for some time Dick Dale and Duane Eddy take control again with their surf guitars. Seems Astroburger fell in love with the sound of side A. But really, the tune doesn't fit. The most forgettable track of the Pop Odyssey so far. We're in for more space songs next full moon.

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