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Ghost EP
Osito Records

Cerrato is a new acquaintance for me, and this is their debut EP. The first thing you'll notice is Maria Cerrato's rather special voice - darkly childish, with lots of vibrato. Certainly not for everybody, but it grows on you. Just give it time. It suits the sombre tone of the melodies well. The next thing you'll hear is the quality of the songs, not fantastic but pleasant and well made. Everybody knows their place and use their instruments just enough. That we can like. And the mood - dark but not depressing, like the slight touch of melancholia you feel when the sun disappears in the sea. But not all is well, the last thing you notice are the terrible synthesiser. It drags the overall sound of the band down to something between a new romantic's orchestra and a singles party entertainer. Where they need a piano, cello, strings or any other warm instrument, the synth constantly pops up with a totally wrong sound. Do something! For me this kills the joy of an otherwise fine debut.

Ghost is the second release on new company Osito records. It's nice to see so many new labels willing to risk money on new artists. Oslo are these days swarming with small labels, most of whom are interesting and filling a niche in the market not dared to be touched by the major companies. Keep up the good work.

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