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coverpic flag Sweden - Full Moon 55 - 04/08/01

Roger Arvidsson
A view like mine
demo only

This is a demo and that's a complete mystery. If a record label dosen't get interested in this kind of music we don't need record labels. Maybe I should start my own label and put this out. Beacuse this is really good.

Roger Arvidsson used to play in a band called Sonic Walthers back in the early 90's and after that the Remians but they a sort of rockier. His solo project is pure pop. Pure beautiful pop with a touch of England and Australia. His house gods the Jam, Paul Weller and the Smiths can be heard but I think its more like Australian band Summer Suns. Anyway, you should check this seven track demo out now. It's to good to be missed. Gothenburg rules the music in Sweden right now!

Roger is in the studio right now, can't wait...

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