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The Green And Yellow TV
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The Green And Yellow TV (which means?) hail from Silverlake, California and this is their first long player (well, clocking in just under 30 minutes may not qualify for a real long player, or what?). Anyhow, I must admit at once: This is a great record!

The records kicks off with The Big Red Machine which has received considerable airplay, even on John Peel Show. Next up is Betty, a power pop anthem if there ever was one. Suspects In The Trees is a true gem, with brass, pounding drums, Beach Boys percussions and harmonies and a glorious melody to match. It is probably worth the CD price alone. Plays The Song sees the band blend posh seventies pop (Metro, Pilot) with Ben Folds Five.

The last four songs are not as pop oriented as the former five, but show that the band masters a diversity of styles adding their special Green And Yellow TV touch. The main force of the band is the ability to write great songs and perform them in exciting arrangements. I could think of a lot of bands that are not capable of excactly that.

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