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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 56 - 05/07/01

2001 A Pop Odyssey, Flight Four
Big Dipper Records

Remember Astroburger's third flight last moon? It included the instrumental Supernova. I don't know if there is a title cock-up here. The song on side B of Flight Four is a song called The Midget Walk, but vocalist Bingo sings about a supernova all the time. Anyhow, a fine little garage-pop gem it is, with a dynamic fuzz-drenched Farfisa organ, harpsichord-alike electric piano playing and a sing-/shout-along chorus.

I'm less convinced by The Horse on side A. Here tunesmith, vocalist and guitarist Mr. Bingo seems to tell a story about two renegades called Henry the Fool and Edwin The Idiot(?). The latter is the title of last moon's side A! It's in the hard-pub-rock vein and too straight forward and monotonous for my liking. Every flight has its ups and downs. Here's one side of each. More eccentric pop songs next time, pleeze!

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